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We help organizations use AI to improve social impact and create more inclusive digital products and services.

The digital divide goes beyond connectivity issues. Many websites and apps inadvertently create barriers for older adults, individuals with disabilities, those with neurodiversity, and users from households with limited income. This restricts their ability to use crucial digital tools for education, finances, health, and overall well-being.

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Digital experiences amplify privilege

In today's world, digital experiences have the potential to amplify existing privilege, leaving behind certain groups of individuals.

Older adults, people with disabilities, neurodiverse individuals, and those with lower incomes often face challenges in navigating the essential digital tools we rely on for education, finance, and healthcare.

This creates a modern digital divide, where access to digital resources directly impacts a person's ability to fully exercise their basic human rights.

Our digital future demands easy-to-use experiences

Every organization has a responsibility to create digital products and experiences that are inclusive and accessible. However, there is still a significant gap to bridge.

We believe that experiences need to become more inclusive, designed with a deep understanding of diverse user needs. At ExperienceFutures.org, we work at the intersection of human experience and emerging technologies to accelerate progress in bridging the digital experience divide.

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Most digital products and services are optimized for digitally privileged users, resulting in barriers to access for users who are aging, living with disability, neurodiversity, or have lower socioeconomic status.


Accessible technology is the key to ensuring basic human rights for all individuals.

Organizations must align their digital experiences with their social impact agendas to promote inclusion and equity.


We are committed to:
Creating human-centered experiences that bridge the gap between technology and user needs.

Empowering marginalized users through the ethical use of emerging technologies.

80% of US internet users have unique needs for digital experiences

  • Over 111 million Americans over 55 by 2025
  • 61 million adults live with a disability
  • 72 million mobile-only internet users
  • 25% of internet users have a learning disability, ADHD or another intellectual or developmental disability

*US Census Bureau, WebAIM, Pew Research

As AI and technology advance, there are new opportunities to empower users who have been digitally marginalized. Our educational programs help organizations align ethics and business goals, bridging inclusivity and business objectives. Through research, collaboration, and open-source tools, we drive digital inclusion, empowering organizations to design inclusive products and services.


Our vision is a world where digital experiences are inclusive and accessible to all. We’re investing in a world where every individual can fully participate in and benefit from empowering digital experiences.

A world where every digital experience published by any organization can reach and empower users. We believe in a future digital landscape where AI is harnessed to deliver personalized experiences based on individual needs, abilities, and contexts while safeguarding privacy and upholding human rights.


Accelerating inclusive digital experiences:
Our mission is to ensure that everyone has access to the digital tools necessary for a healthy, successful, and empowered life.

Through the responsible and inclusive development of emerging technologies like AI and Machine Learning, we strive to maximize technology's positive social impact while minimizing potential risks.

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