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We help organizations use AI to expand digital access, reduce risks, and meet business and social impact goals.

We provide guidance to integrate impact and reduce risk for your product and technology roadmaps through hands-on workshops and design resources. Our advisory services assist with planning, governance, and capability building for inclusive AI implementation.

By becoming members, companies and individuals gain access to our experts and join a community committed to creating inclusive digital experiences powered by AI.

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Process for inclusive AI

Workshops & Transformation Programs

We support organizations in their journey towards more inclusive digital experiences. Based on our comprehensive process model, detailed in an upcoming book and a series of whitepapers, we link social impact goals with business objectives. This empowers teams at every level to employ AI ethically, creating digital experiences tailored to the unique needs of diverse user groups. We actively work to bridge the digital divide in all areas of digital transformation. Whether it's multinational corporations, government agencies, startups, or non-profits, our focus is on scaling inclusivity and social responsibility.

We offer workshops and strategic support to engage a wide range of stakeholders, helping create tangible programs that link ethical priorities to AI investments. Our transformation work includes defining a Center of Excellence for Human Experience with Estée Lauder's global CIO organization and leading the development of a scalable digital design system following MetLife's global rebranding.

Resources for Designers & Developers

Designers and developers are at the forefront of creating inclusive digital experiences, but they often lack the necessary resources or empowerment to fully embrace this critical mission. We are dedicated to providing them with the tools they need to accelerate their efforts and tackle the complexities of inclusive design and development.

One of our key focus areas is the development of a comprehensive repository of design rules, guidelines, research, and data. Accessible via a chat interface and eventually as an API, this repository enables teams to seamlessly integrate inclusivity into their digital experiences. By addressing the needs of diverse user groups—older adults, neurodiverse individuals, disabled individuals, and mobile-only users of varying socioeconomic backgrounds—this repository can be invaluable. Using it, designers and developers can create digital experiences that are truly inclusive, bridging the digital divide one design at a time.

Design Rule Repository
Design Research

Research & Data

The second layer of the digital divide, going beyond mere access to technology, focuses on disparities in digital experiences influenced by age, socioeconomic status, location, and abilities. Despite its profound impact on social, economic, healthcare, education, and legal rights, this layer is often overlooked, with little data or research to drive meaningful policy or investment.

We aim to change this narrative. Through our ongoing research, we delve into this complex realm, identifying and understanding the challenges faced by marginalized user groups. In order to contribute to the broader movement towards more equitable digital experiences, we aim to generate insights that will inform effective strategies for enhancing digital inclusivity.