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Announcing, our mission-driven tech company

Announcing, our mission-driven tech company

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Announcing, our mission-driven tech company

Announcing, our mission-driven tech company

We're excited to announce the launch of our new partner organization,

When we announced in 2021, we immediately had a number of organizations reach out seeking help. The connection between social impact and experience design is one of the most important topics of the coming years. Organizations of every size are asking themselves how they can scale their purpose and mission and be inclusive in digital spaces. We quickly realized there's an important need for both thought leadership and services that can help organizations realize their social impact goals through digital products and services. is a mission-driven agency created to help organizations use new approaches to design and emerging technology to improve the digital lives of customers and employees., our non-profit organization, publishes thought leadership and tools to bridge the digital experience divide. They’ll partner closely but having two separate organizations ensures that both mission and execution have clear goals. 

The Importance of

There are a number of reasons why we decided to launch as a partner organization to 

First and foremost, we believe there's a real need for mission-driven agencies like that can provide leadership and practical services to help organizations link social impact to their digital products and services. There's a growing digital divide in our society at the experience layer, and we believe that new approaches to design and technology can help close that divide. 

Second, we believe that businesses that are investing in ESG and social impact are looking for ways to use their digital products and services to scale their impact and make a positive difference in the world. 

And third, we believe that there's a great opportunity for to help organizations tap into the power of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and Web3 to improve the digital lives of their customers and employees. will be focused on helping organizations that want to prioritize social impact in four key areas: 

  • Social impact audits for their digital experiences
  • Digital and experience strategy
  • Digital product design programs 
  • Creating scalable design systems. 

We are already working with organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We're excited about the potential for to help organizations accelerate impact goals through design!


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